Fabrics & Manufacturing

Without the proper materials, great design is nothing

Our bamboo/cotton blend is an incredible fabric. We use the same fabric in two forms: a lightweight tech version for the boxer & a mid­weight jogging fleece for the pant, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

Bamboo/Cotton Fabric Composition
66% Rayon from Bamboo
28% Cotton
6% Spandex

Rayon from Bamboo is as comfortable as it is durable; soft to the touch and machine washable.

Facts about Bamboo
Bamboo trees are fully sustainable
Regenerate in 55 days
­Require no pesticides
­Require little irrigation and are biodegradable

We are proud to be Made in Canada! and even better ­­ right here in beautiful Vancouver BC. This allows us to work closely with everyone involved in the process, putting out the best product possible.